Talking Projects

TALKING PROJECTS is one of the leading art film production companies in Germany, located in Berlin - ist eine der führenden kunst film produktion firmen in Berlin, Deutschland - est l'une des principales sociétés de production de films d'art en Allemagne, située à Berlin

Assaf Gruber, Artist
‘The Conspicuous Parts’

For Art/Nature – Artistic Interventions IV Assaf Gruber inspects ways of representation of scientific and historical facts or presumptions, which are deeply rooted in desires and ambitions of the individuals of one’s era. Daphne, the taxidermist, meets British writer Catherine, who is researching her new novel at the museum’s archives. The chance encounter sparks in a rather unusual communication.

Premiered at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Rirkrit Tiravanija, Artist
'Karl’s Perfect Day'

We were happy to realise the reshoot of „Karl’s Perfect Day“, a poetic journey through an imaginary perfect day of Swedish artist Karl Holmquist. Finding happiness in the small things of everyday life in Berlin, Karl shows us his perfect blend of life and art. 

Shown at 29th International Film Festival Marseille 2017,
directed by Rirkrit Tiravanija

Andy Hope 1930, Artist
‘Vertical Horizon’

VERTICAL HORIZON is situated “after the future,” as Franco Berardi puts it, when utopian visions have come to an end. Fran Athens, a character shifting between masquerade and sci-fi personage, tries to resist this proclamation of finitude, creating the illusion of embodying a character within a “real” science fiction narrative. Shown at La Biennale di Venezia 2017.

Executive Producer: Hauser  &  Wirth
Post Production Supervisor: Talking Projects


Anna Gaskell, Artist
‘Telling Stories’

For her video film „Telling Stories“ (2015) Anna Gaskell worked with 16 different actresses. In a casting situations they tell sex stories that Anna Gaskell had collected over years from male acquaintances as if they were their own. Like in her previous work she experiments with the appropriation of intimate experiences.

DoP: Jutta Pohlmann

Urban Nation Berlin

Film Content & Documentaries

Since 2014 Talking Projects has been producing film content and documentaries for URBAN NATION – MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART in Berlin. One example is the ’Project M’ documentary series about more than 100 artists which came to Berlin to help building up this idea. The vision of a global art community, a network without limits, became reality on September 2017 as the museum opened its doors.

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Maria Eichhorn, Artist
‘Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices’

Directed by Berlin resident artist Maria Eichhorn, Talking Projects produced over the course of 2 years numerous 16mm short films for the „Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices“. The works were shown at Kunsthaus Bregenz and at Belkin Art Gallery Vancouver.

DoP: Jutta Pohlmann

Pierre Huyghe, Artist
‘Untilled’ @ dOCUMENTA(13)

The french artist Pierre Huyghe created Untilled, a compost site within a baroque garden, a non hierarchical association that included a sculpture of a reclining nude with a head obscured by a swarming beehive, aphrodisiac and psychotropic plants, a dog with a pink leg, an uprooted oak tree from Joseph Beuys’ 7,000 Oaks among other elements. 

DoP: Marie Spencer


Assaf Gruber, Artist
’The Anonymity of the Night’

The protagonist of the first monodrama is a mysterious Israeli lawyer. His cryptic tale depicts a coincidental encounter he had with a young stranger in a Western European city.

DoP: Jutta Pohlmann


Stiftung Berliner Leben
Film Documentary ‘Isigym Boxsport Berlin’

From a neighborhood project to a hub for new Olympic talent: In 2015 the multicultural box sports club won the National Award for „Active for Democracy and Tolerance.“ They also won many prizes in Berliner and nation wide competitions. Our films introduces this successful ’Berliner Leben, eine Stiftung der Gewobag’ project

Olafur Eliasson, Artist
‘Movement Microscope’

The film depicts a normal day at Studio Olafur Eliasson, with one major difference: Eliasson invited 'movement specialists' (street performers, mimes, dancers) to come perform a kind of spatio-temporal intervention throughout the studio during the work day.

Production Support: Talking Projects

VW Autostadt

Autostadt invites you into the world of mobility. Architecture, design and nature create the framework for many attractions in a 70 acre landscape: exhibitions show the invaluable classics of automobile history and how they pushed the boundaries of their time. Art and films invite you to engage in a multifaceted universe.

Director & DoP: Michael McDonough